The Post Office Building

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The late 1910s and early 20s weren’t easy on Raymond. Following the loss of the sugar factory, the ravages of the First World War, the collapse of wheat prices in the early 1920s, and the fire that destroyed the Raymond Milling Company’s elevator, a renewed optimism began to emerge starting in the mid-1920s. A local effort to convince the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company to construct a new sugar refinery in town was successful and the new factory opened in 1925. In order to ensure an adequate supply of sugar beets, local farmers incorporated the Raymond Irrigation District, purchasing the region’s irrigation network from the CPR and embarked on a plan of expansion.

In 1925, the idea to construct a new building to house the post office and other businesses was proposed. Heber S. Allen, the owner of the Raymond Mercantile, planned for the construction of the building. When it opened in January of 1926, it housed three businesses on the main floor: The Post Office, the Sugar City Meat Company and the Maple Leaf Bakery. Many people in Raymond remember going upstairs to see the doctor in this building. This building survived a 1926 fire that destroyed several businesses on Main Street.

Arrange the puzzle pieces in the right order to be able to read the secret message. We put the first piece in place for you.

For your final clue:

Collect segments of the final password and puzzle at each stop. You’ll need the password to get into the puzzle. The order is important for both. The 9th segment of the final password is the last number in the year this home was built, 1925.

You’ll probably want to write these items down:

Order: 9
Password: 5

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