Historic Sites Inventory

The Town of Raymond’s Historic Resource Committee is working to identify, document and preserve historic sites within the town of Raymond.

In 2015 the committee, with the help of Donald Luxton & Associates, wrote a historic Context Paper (PDF). It provides a framework for identifying sites that are important to the history of Raymond. Based on that framework the committee has selected 17 sites that will form the start of an inventory of historic sites in the town of Raymond.

We need the public to help us by:

  • Sharing photographs you might have of either the interior or exterior
  • Identifying people who have lived/owned the properties
  • Sharing family histories or anecdotes related to the sites
  • Sharing any knowledge you have of the history of the property
  • Sharing any documents you have that relate to the property
  • Identifying other sites that should also be considered

Upload photos, video, or documents or email historicsites@raymondhistory.apptree.me

The initial properties identified for the inventory include (in no particular order):

  1. Bank of Montreal (30 Broadway S)
  2. Post Office Building (28 Broadway N)
  3. Raymond Mercantile (42 Broadway N)
  4. Canadian Legion Memorial Hall (123 Broadway N)
  5. Fromm’s Jewelry (148 Broadway N)
  6. Allen Residence (112N – 200 W)
  7. Town Hall (10 Broadway N)
  8. Raymond Motors Block (60-66 Broadway N)
  9. United Church (19 Park Avenue E)
  10. Knight Residence (59 Park Avenue E)
  11. Hancock Dairy (213S – 400 E)
  12. Raymond School of Agriculture Principal’s Res. (415N – 350 E)
  13. Plat of the City of Zion
  14. Capitol Theatre (142 Broadway N)
  15. Redd Residence (190 Church Avenue W)
  16. Victoria Park (350E – 100 N)
  17. Canadian North-West Irrigation Company Canal Right-of-way

The following buildings are already designated as Provincial Historic Resources:

  1. The Latter-day Saint Park Avenue Chapel
  2. The Raymond Buddhist Church

Do you feel like there is another site that should be on this list? Let us know about other historic places in Raymond.