About the Raymond & District Historical Society

The Raymond & District Historical Society was formed in 1989 by citizens of the town in order to preserve the history of Raymond Alberta and the surrounding area. The Historical Society operates the Raymond Pioneer Museum.

The Historical Society


Ron McMullinPresident2021
Stewart FossVice President2021
Faye GeddesSecretary2022
Diane HeningerTreasurer2022


In alphabetical order by last name. Board members serve on a two-year term, at which point they may be reappointed.

Board MemberAppointed/Reappointed
Kipp Boehme2021
Richard Kiddle2021
Jack Stone2022

Councillor Kate Kindt serves as our Town Council representative.

Memberships to the Historical Society can be bought by any member of the public. Memberships allow you to vote for officers and have unlimited access to the Museum. They are bought annually and are good for one year. Prices are $5 for an individual and $10 for a family. If you are interested in buying a membership, visit the Museum or contact us.

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