The Bank of Montreal

Raymond was barely a year old when the Bank of Montreal recognized its economic potential and key positioning and felt that it warranted the establishment of a branch. In 1902, the Bank of Montreal opened in a room in the Raymond Hotel.

In 1905 they opened in their own building. Over its 98 year history, the Bank of Montreal operated in several locations. The original 1905 building was in use as a bank until 1946, when they moved to a new location in Raymond. The 1905 building was designed by prolific western architect James Allen MacDonald and is the only remaining example of a financial institution designed by him.

This is not the bank you are looking for

To get to the Bank of Montreal from the Allen Residence, follow these directions.

For your final clue:

Collect segments of the final password and puzzle at each stop. You’ll need the password to get into the puzzle. The order is important for both. The 6th segment of the final password is the last number in the year this building was built, 1905.

You’ll probably want to write these items down:

Order: 6
Password: 5

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